Blauer’s outerwear sets the bar for quality and performance. Check out Blauer's line of ANSI certified jackets and rainwear that keep you safe and comfortable daytime and nighttime and Blauer's NFPA 1999 certified jackets made with CROSSTECH public safety fabrics to protect against bloodborne pathogens and common chemicals. For everyday comfort and value Blauer's B.DRY line of waterproof-breathable styles can’t be beat. Whatever your need or budget, Blauer has you covered.

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Blauer 9840 9840 9840 9840 9840 CROSSTECH® 3-In-1 Response Jacket
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Style: 9840
Blauer 9910Z 9910Z 9910Z 9910Z 9910Z GORE-TEX® Cruiser Jacket
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Style: 9910Z
Blauer 9915Z 9915Z-GORE-TEX® Ike-Length Jacket
Starts at:
Style: 9915Z
Blauer 9870V B Dry Super Light Vis Jacket
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Style: 9870V
Blauer 6120 B.DRY® 3-Season Jacket
Starts at:
Style: 6120
Blauer 26950 B.Dry® All Purpose 3-In-1 Jacket
Starts at:
Style: 26950
Blauer 26976-1 B.DRY® All Purpose Raincoat
Starts at:
Style: 26976-1
Blauer 9810Z B.DRY® Cruiser Jacket w/ Liner
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Style: 9810Z
Blauer 9860 B.DRY® Parka
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Style: 9860
Blauer 6001 B.DRY® Reversible Bomber Jacket
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Style: 6001
Blauer 233R B.DRY® Reversible Rain Jacket
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Style: 233R
Blauer 9848V B.Dry? Hi-Vis Response Parka
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Style: 9848V

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